CleanCo is actively evaluating options for continuing to grow our energy supply in a way that can deliver reliable, affordable, low-emissions energy to large commercial and industrial businesses seeking decarbonisation pathways. This includes assessing optimisation and expansion opportunities at our existing generators, as well as evaluating storage options and bringing new renewables online.  Read more about our current projects below.

CleanCo is investing $500 million to build a publicly-owned portfolio of up to 2.3 GW of renewable energy projects in Queensland.

Reliable, clean energy for businesses and industries

Central Queensland is the state’s industrial powerhouse and needs reliable, affordable, clean energy to drive future economic activity and industry development in the region.

We are growing our portfolio of renewable generation to support decarbonisation- the removal or reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere which includes transitioning to sustainable, renewable energy sources such as wind and solar.

These new projects will enable CleanCo to provide our large commercial and industrial customers with clean energy solutions that meet their needs and support their decarbonisation pathways.

Supporting local jobs and regional communities
CleanCo’s Central Queensland portfolio is estimated to support up to 4000 construction jobs and provide 100 ongoing local operational jobs.

Beyond delivering critical energy, this program of works in Central Queensland creates a unique opportunity to establish local supply chains, create a pipeline of jobs and training for the region, decarbonise Queensland’s energy intensive industries, support regional economic development, and secure public ownership of generation assets. 

CleanCo and Central Queensland Power partnership

CleanCo is partnering with Central Queensland Power (CQP), a joint venture between experienced renewable energy project developers RES and Energy Estate, to develop CleanCo’s 2.3GW portfolio of projects in Central Queensland.

CleanCo and CQP will assess and shortlist renewable energy projects which deliver the best outcomes for the environment, communities, including First Nations engagement and partnerships as well as industry, and Queensland’s overall renewable energy transformation.    

Projects assessed as having the potential for delivering the best outcomes will be progressed to development phase by CleanCo and CQP.  

These projects will deliver CleanCo’s first build-own-operate wind and solar generation assets.

Moah Creek Wind Farm Project

The 372MW Moah Creek Wind Farm, is the first project being progressed under the CleanCo and CQP partnership.  

Located 30 kilometres west of Rockhampton, the Moah Creek Wind Farm will include up to 60 wind turbines, support up to 400 construction jobs, and inject up to $600 million into the local economy.  

Moah Creek is an ideally positioned, taking advantage of world-class wind resources and in close proximity to existing transmission lines and other power infrastructure. 

Following the development phase, construction is expected to start in 2025.  

Go to the Central Queensland Power website for information on Moah Creek Wind Farm.  

CleanCo is working with the Ipswich community to transform the Swanbank Power Station site into a clean energy hub, ensuring long-term jobs and economic opportunities for the region.

The Swanbank site has played an important role in supporting Queensland’s resource and energy supply for more than 50 years.

The 336ha site has a proud history of coal mining and coal generation. Now its future is in sustainable, low-emission energy.

In 2021, CleanCo announced plans to develop the former coal-fired power station site into a clean energy hub, as well as restore the environment and explore community infrastructure opportunities.

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Stay up to date with the Reimagine Swanbank project by visiting the dedicated project website.

CleanCo is building its first big battery as part of the development of the Swanbank Clean Energy Hub. 

What is a Battery Energy Storage System?  

A Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) stores excess electrical energy during periods of high generation – typically in the middle of the day when solar generation is highest – and releases it during periods of low generation and high demand – typically in the early morning and early evening hours. 

In the National Electricity Market, battery systems are referred to as “firming assets” because they firm up energy supply from variable wind and solar sources.    

For CleanCo, adding a battery system to our portfolio increases our capacity to provide reliable clean energy to our customers 24/7 even if there is no wind or sun. 

The Swanbank Battery  

Demonstrating how existing infrastructure can be repurposed to support the clean energy transformation, the Swanbank Battery will be located on the site of the decommissioned Swanbank B coal-fired power station. 

At 250MW/500MWh and with a two-hour storage capacity, the Swanbank Battery will be one of the largest in Queensland when complete.  

It will connect to the to the electricity grid via a new 275kV substation, to be built by Powerlink at the site. CleanCo has engaged Yurika (part of Energy Queensland) to deliver the project, and the battery will be supplied by Tesla. 

Early construction activities are commencing in February 2024, with the Swanbank Battery is expected to be operational in July 2025. 

Find out more about the Swanbank Battery here

A Clean Energy Future Crafted in Queensland

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